Thai World Import Export Co.,Ltd. provides a wide range of oriental foods and miscellaneous products from Thailand. The COCK brand has earned the great popularity from consumers in more than 70 countries of the world.
Canned Food
Quality delicious fruits, vegetables, seafoods, eggs and tasty beverages in convenient cans.
Oriental Seasoning
Lift up the pleasant tastes, inviting looks and colors of your foods with authentic Asian seasonings and condiments.
Good quality authentic Asian noodles, rice sticks and rice papers from Asia, the land of many original noodle recipes.
Conserved Food
Delicious foods include fruits, vegetables and meats that are nutritiously conserved by hygienic methods.
Agricultural Product
Agricultural crops and products that are converted from crops. They are convenient for using in cuisines.
Tasteful and nutritive snacks, colorful fruity candies and instant drinks, best for all occasions.
Miscellaneous Product
Many kinds of useful utensils and equipments that are made of good quality materials for convenience of all households.

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